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About Second Chance Animal Adoption, Inc.

We strive to act as faithful stewards for all abandoned, lost,
homeless, and abused animals entrusted to our care in Boundary
County, with the ultimate goal of finding lifelong,
loving homes for every one.

Helping to build a community of compassion and
kindness toward all animals.


Second Chance Animal Adoption (SCAA) is dedicated to caring for
homeless animals in Bonners Ferry, Idaho and
the surrounding Boundary County area.

SCAA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by a board of directors.
We have many dedicated volunteers that help to make this organization run efficiently.
Our Thrift Store helps to financially support our mission, along with donations.

Boundary County's First Animal Shelter!
Second Chance Animal Adoption is Boundary County's first and only Animal Shelter.
Our facility located next to Second Chance's Thrift Store at:
6647 Lincoln St., Bonners Ferry!

What We Do

SCAA has a wonderful shelter with a caring staff and all animals get
excellent care during their stay at Second Chance. All our animals are spayed or neutered,
vaccinated and de-wormed as needed before adoption. Second Chances goal is to help
all lost and abandoned animals. We help lost dogs find their owners, and help stray or
abandoned ones find new homes. SCAA’s shelter committee works VERY hard at matching the 
dog's or cat's with the right home. We accept applications for all animals that are available
for adoption and strive to find a loving and forever home for each one.

The SCAA Thrift Store in Bonners Ferry is our primary revenue source.
The store is located at 6647 Lincoln St. Bonners Ferry, ID 83805.
Please stop by and see the wonderful products that are available.

We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity, which means that anyone kind enough to donate to 
Second Chance Animal Adoption may deduct that donation on their taxes.
For information on how to donate or volunteer to SCAA,
please see click on our DONATIONS & VOLUNTEERING tab.

Our History

Second Chance Animal Adoption, Inc (SCAA) was formed in 1998 by Kate Turner
and Alice Miller, along with 9 members of our community.

They were volunteering at the City Pound in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Animal control
was handled by law enforcement and they were overwhelmed by the number of lost,
abandoned and homeless animals. The city pound was simply not big enough and they
did not have the funding to house all the unclaimed dogs.
As many pounds do,they were forced to euthanize due to lack of space, which was just
not acceptable to Kate and Alice; therefore, the inception of SCAA.

Being lifelong animal lovers it seemed only natural to assist with animal care and give the dogs of
Boundary County a better chance at life. Alice and her husband, at their own expense,
built kennels in their large indoor barn and soon were fostering dogs for the City Pound.
Not long after, volunteers severed ties with the City Pound and officially became SCAA.

Driven by its mission, SCAA is now a formidable force in Bonners Ferry. In 2010, the organization
realized its dream of constructing a shelter to house dogs and cats and well as building a strong foster
care program. SCAA's vision is to become more than an adoption agency, but also an animal resource
and educational center for those living in Boundary County.

SCAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is governed by a board of directors.
The Organization runs solely through the proceeds of the Second Chance Thrift Store,
donations, philanthropy, fundraising, and grants.

About Bonners Ferry

Bonners Ferry (Boundary County) is located in the northeastern corner of Idaho just 24 miles south of
the Canadian border. Bonners Ferry has the natural beauty of the Kootenai River Valley
and is surrounded by three forested mountain ranges and has bountiful wildlife. Bonners Ferry was honored
by Idaho's Governor as "Idaho's Most Friendly Community," (voted by visiting tourists.)

This town offers many unique, accessible, high altitude pristine lakes, rivers, streams, trails and back roads.
Also to be enjoyed are white water rafting, rock and ice climbing. Boundary County's scenery,
recreational opportunities and quality of life draw people to the area and those who visit Bonners Ferry
cannot miss the massive American flag flying adjacent to Highway 95 on the north end of town.

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